Kalerrâ is a scored podcast based on the experiences of five Artists and Scientists from the Expedition to Weisboydlund, upper eastern Greenland. Kalerrâ combines field recordings and interviews from 5 of the 9 Arctic explorers from the 2018 Expedition to Weisboydlund, eastern Greenland; led by artist and researcher Anne Lydiat Wainwright. Using sound recordings from the Greenlandic expedition such as boat ambiences and icebergs melting; Composer Ben Imber creates immersive soundscapes that mimic life on the expedition, alongside a string of emotive musical elements to complement the narratives of the artists and scientists.
Throughout the first lockdown in 2020 I worked with Science Communicator Chloe Russell to create an immersive, documentary podcast based on an exhibition to Weisboyland Greenland. My jobs were to record the interviews remotely, edit the conversations and field recordings to create a narrative with Chloe, and to create fitting music and sound design to further immerse the storytelling and soundscapes. It was also my responsibility to mix and master this project making it ready to be distributed on all streaming services.
Kalerrâ has become affiliated with the companies: ‘We are Ocean‘, ‘North Sailing‘ and ‘Thames Estuary Partnership‘. The project has also received endorsements from ‘Cape Farewell‘ and ‘eXXpedition‘.

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