Roles - Composer, Session Guitarist, Performer Date - 2016

How To Catch A Butterfly

This piece is about exploring the feeling of dancing in front of an audience.
150 people looking at you and everything in that moment that you represent.
To put it simply, in this case we represent dancers, movers, and that is all there is to this choreography.

How to Catch a Butterfly by the ‘Bakani Pick-up Company’ was my first experience writing music for a live dance performance.

To start the process Bakani invited me to attend rehearsals where I improvised on my guitar to give the dancers something to move to. The process was very collaborative, when I played something the dancers enjoyed they would communicate this, and I would start to build an idea of the kind of style that would suit this performance.

The final performance was used as part of the end of the dancer’s degree at Falmouth University and they achieved the first-class grade of 93%. This performance has later led to more opportunities performing in London and the company will be appearing at more festivals in the future.